Caroline Fletcher – Marketing and Sales Consultant

Ana Stevenson has taken the property market by storm! She has found a niche market that urgently needed filling and is doing that magnificently!

Team Fletcher has worked with Ana for many years marketing her own homes and Ana has always shown an aptitude for getting it just right when it comes to the presentation of the home and garden. She has taken this skill , past experience in realestate sales and created” Open Home Ready”. For owners and agents alike this is a godsend ! So often the actual facing up to the big clean out that goes with moving house and then refreshing the property to appeal to a buyer is all too daunting and owners get trapped in their homes unable to take that leap forward, not now with Ana’s skilled help. Ana is trustworthy and reliable , as are the vetted staff she employs under her.

No job is too big or too small . Ana is the real deal the whole package from advice on presentation to the job lot, house and garden maintenance and clean up, house dressing , photos and open home prep.

Others have offered varying levels of this service in the past but this is your one stop shop to Open Home Ready and ultimately a premium price in the market place.

I have Ana assisting on 30% of my listings and my owners are reaping the benefits.

The investment in preparing your home for sale is vital in this competitive market place , give Ana a call you will be pleased you did!

Phil Houghton